Chelsea Apartment

Personal Project (2019)
New York, New York

Living Room
Living Room

to design a one bedroom apartment in a 1930 building. Scope includes wall paint, flooring, and furnishings.

Danica Bassman

Project Status
Located in a classic pre-war building, the exposed beams, large molding, and deep windows naturally created a very cozy atmosphere. The color palette is a saturated play between warms and cools, and materials are predominantly velvets, leathers, and suede. The foyer is a classic burgundy paired with white trim that creates a dramatic dark entry space before emerging into either of the light filled rooms.
In the living/dining room, the large blue velvet couch and adjacent green wall are counterpoints to the brown cognac leathers, soft yellow wall, and wood flooring.  Wood shelving picks up on the floor, and the media console in slick white and glass dining table keeps it from feeling too heavy, along with a pair of tall mirrors that pull the light into the rear of the space.
In the bedroom, the space takes a more gentler, predominantly in grey blues and off white with a couple warm accents. The tufted bench and headboard reinforce the classic feel. The spaces, while each distinct, maintain a consistent use of characteristic colors that are further animated by pattern and texture to create a lively and welcoming home. 

Each of the two primary rooms have a large two-bay window in them. Because of the long orientation of the spaces, it is important to do whatever possible to pull the light into the far end of the room. In the living/dining room, a light, off-white paint is applied to three of the four walls and tall mirrors are placed at the rear. In the bedroom, a soft blue paint reflects the direct morning light.  
As a one bedroom apartment in Manhattan, space here is precious. The living/dining room has maximal seating for entertaining, as well as a round, four-person dining table that allows for easy circulation around. A small desk is tucked in the shelving arrangement to provide an additional work surface. The bedroom incorporates a generous desk under the window to double as a private office during the day. 

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Architect, Artist, Writer

Architect, Artist, Writer