Jan Bednarczyk Website

Web Designer (2016)

Gallery of Quilts
Gallery of Quilts

Proposal: design a website that showcases the quilts and drawings of artist Jan Bednarczyk

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The approach was to focus on the artwork itself and let the website design fade into the background. The color palette is primarily neutral grays with just a hint of cyan to emphasize selections; the intent is to let the vibrant colors of the quilts, drawings, and paintings dominate the user experience. 
Further, by using small fonts with limited text and large scale images, the artwork always stays front and center. The gallery format not only displays the breadth of the artist’s work, but also forms a new kind of tapestry. 
  • Design Consultant

Where text is the dominant feature, it is supplemented with subtle horizontal lines to minimally complete the composition. High contrast pages alternating between light and dark are utilized to create a sense of dynamism and surprise. Throughout the site, whether it be images or text, there is always plenty of space to let the content breath. 

Graphic Design

Architect, Artist, Writer

Architect, Artist, Writer