Never Yesterday

Cornell Univeristy Techniques in Visual Representation (2014)
New York, New York

Rendering with Future Projection
Rendering with Future Projection

Assignment: select a historic image of New York, recreate the scene as it was, and then create a future projection

Matthew Bannister
Leah White
Christa Hamilton
The Meatpacking District was chosen because of its significant transformation in recent history. The inspiration image was taken by Brian Rose in 1985.  With the help of 3D rendering software, i t was recreated with a mysterious evening atmosphere, illuminated from behind.
The future projection imagines a continued fetishization of the Meatpacking District's vestiges. The rack systems that once hung meat become a method of circulating mannequins, showcasing the year’s hottest styles.
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The Present Day Photograph features a dramatic angle with just enough context to ground the scene; the color scheme is a simple but satisfying mix of primary colors. In the Historical Recreation, great care was taken to 3D model the steel bracing from which the carcasses were hung. The rusted texture works with the color scheme and also gives it a worn, endured character, almost as if the historic use persisted into the present. The Future Projection pays homage to this dense cantilevering structure but reimagines it sleek and reflective. The stages jutting into the sidewalk similarly take on a crisp, new feel especially when paired with the pure white illumination. 


Architect, Artist, Writer

Architect, Artist, Writer