Richard Meier Skateboard

Richard Meier & Partners Architects (2014)


Invitation: to design a skateboard or surfboard

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Combining fragments from Richard Meier's collages, this board shows a more colorful side of his artwork in combination with the signature white grid. In collaboration with and signed by Richard Meier.
The skateboard was sold at the Los Angeles Architecture and Design Museum’s  Charity Auction.
  • Designer and Fabricator

The color and image are taken directly from Richard Meier’s personal collages. The pieces were reproduced, ripped, torn, glued to recreate the original tactile quality of his work. If one looks closely, there is a topography to the surface. The colored paper was then encapsulated in a sealant. Using painter’s tape and spray paint, the perfect, thin white grid was painted over the top. The grid is only interrupted to provide space for the signature. 

Detail View of Signature


Architect, Artist, Writer

Architect, Artist, Writer