Rome Sketchbook

Cornell University, Semester Abroad (2013)
Rome, Italy

Noto Cathedral, Siciliy
Noto Cathedral, Sicily

Drawings from my travel sketchbook

Drawing is another way of seeing. It is a way of documenting facade geometry and architectural details, but even further, it is a way of demanding careful observation of the eye and the mind, as opposed to the casual glance. 
The below sketches are simple, fast, efficient. They are more about capturing the organization and particular details of interest rather than the whole picture. Because of this, the views are diagrammatic instead of perspective. 

Some themes of interest while traveling throughout Italy included palazzo courtyards, church layouts, and column detailing. The essence of the palazzo courtyard is summed up with the density of the column grid, the hierarchy of the floors, and the intersections at the corners. In drawing churches, I was interested in the plan versus section compositions as well as the distribution of the structural loads used to create the vaulted spaces. Finally, column capitals are always revealing details about a place. The way in which the architect uses, modifies, or subverts the existing language of column orders is an interesting means of communicating the larger architectural intent. 

Academic Projects

Architect, Artist, Writer

Architect, Artist, Writer