The Figure

Personal Work (2008 - Present)

Oil on Canvas

Selected Paintings and Drawings

Steve Forester New York Art Academy
Our foundational concept of beauty is married to the human form. The two are inextricable. Drawing and painting the figure teaches, through careful observation, the natural proportion and hierarchy of the human body. We start with idealized proportions as a foundation and then slowly uncover what makes each figure unique. 
Compared to still life painting, figure painting poses unique challenges. The form is not geometric, but rather a complex combination of opposing curves. Skin is not opaque, but rather a subtly transparent and glowing surface. These elements teach us to reconcile seeming contradictions and search for nuance. 
The below drawings and paintings are all from life. I never use photographs. The result is that the duration of the painting is limited to a couple of hours at most. There is a sense of urgency. Some portions of the canvas are developed more than others. The artist must carefully choose what deserves attention. 

Fine Art

Architect, Artist, Writer

Architect, Artist, Writer