Full Portfolio

Personal Work (2019)
8.5” x 11” / 17 Projects, 82 Pages


Personal Portfolio, Extended Version

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Developed as a comprehensive presentation of my work, the Full Portfolio displays the complete variety of my work from academic to professional projects. 

The challenge of this portfolio design was to strike a balance between having a cohesive structure between projects and allowing for each unique project to sing. Consistent graphic elements include standard project covers, page footers, as well as the frequent juxtaposition of black and white backgrounds. The organizational layout varies from simple images given plenty of space to dense compositions in grid format. Large images that extend all the way to edge of the page are frequently employed to keep the corners of the compositions activated. The end result is a presentation that flows from page to page while simultaneously keeping the reader on their toes. 


Architect, Artist, Writer

Architect, Artist, Writer