Library in the Labyrinth

Cornell University Thesis (2015)
8.5” x 11” / 232 Pages


Assignment: to create a book documenting  Library in the Labyrinth

Thesis Advisors
Vince Mulcahy
Jim Williamson

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Library in the Labyrinth is the culmination of my design approach developed as a student at Cornell: using perspective context drawings as a direct generative approach to form making. This book documents that process starting from such formal inspirations as Le Corbusier, Richard Meier, and Piranesi paired with the literary inspirations of John Hejduk and Jorge Luis Borges.
The layout is like a scrap book with everything from reading notes to final narrative text scanned and presented in the original hand written form. It offers a rigorous, step-by-step telling of how the project came to be, from study models to final renderings. 

Printed books are available upon request ︎

The graphic approach fades to the background; the structural presence consistent throughout the book is limited to just the page numbers. Everything from precedent description and perspective ink paintings to presentation models and constructed plan drawings expands to encompass the full page like a slideshow. The book is simply a bound together accumulation of images and hand written text. The project is encountered by the reader as it was made. 


Architect, Artist, Writer

Architect, Artist, Writer