My design begins with careful observation:

Observation is to look without thought;
Observation is to listen for silence.

In the space left behind thinking,
We can absorb the articulation of the cobblestone under the sole,
The flickering shadows of leaves against the wall.
We hear sounds through the instrument of a place.

In the words of John Hejduk, it is to bear witness.


The most powerful spaces are stages for atmosphere and time.
Architecture can be a platform upon which we look out, and in.
It can be a stage where time and atmosphere do not pass.
They are contained, accumulated, and made visible through their traces.
Rotting wood, crumbling concrete, growing greenery.
Warm summer light, thin winter air.
We encounter, face to face, the forces of nature.

For a minute, time stops:

We see the space between words on this page.
We see not moments, but the Collection of Time.
We see the Soul of Place.

In that brief moment, the phenomenon of that place inhabits us,
As though we are children open to discovering the world once more.

Architect, Artist, Writer

Architect, Artist, Writer