The Chapel of Longing

Cornell University Design IX (Fall 2014)
9” x 7” / 110 Pages


Assignment: to create a book for The Chapel of Longing

Thomas Phifer
Gabriel Smith

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The Chapel of Longing is all about taking the inhabitant out of their daily routine into the present moment; it is about creating a quiet space within a busy city. This book aims to achieve the same effect. Here, ample white space and simple layouts invite the reader to slow down the encounter.
The book succinctly documents the site photography, inspirations, process, study models, and final product. Further in depth reading is available in a series of appendices at the end. 

Printed books are available upon request ︎

Poetry and short text inspired by the place are paired with project precedents and site photos. The layout is straight forward and symmetrical. Abstract concepts gradually give way to formal studies. Then, dramatically, the format shifts toward a presentation of the final proposal. The background changes to black and the images take over the page. A series of renderings through time paired with text tell the story of weathering of materials, growth and decay of nature, and the persistent passage of the seasons. It is a story about the effects of time, and how architecture can age poetically.   


Architect, Artist, Writer

Architect, Artist, Writer