The Leo Katz Foundation Branding

Leo Katz Foundation (2013 - Present)

'Pegasus' Print Reference Page
‘Pegasus’ Print Reference Page

Proposal: to design a logo and print documents for the Leo Katz Foundation

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The mission of the Leo Katz Foundation is to share and proliferate the work of acclaimed artist Leo Katz. Part of this mission entails making this vast collection  of material available in the 21st century.  It was important for the branding and aesthetic to reflect this forward looking approach.
The scope of work included a catalogue raisonne, individual artwork reference pages, timeline, letterhead, and business cards.  
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The logo draws on the iconic artist signature, which is also important to identifying his pieces, and pairs it with a modern font and minimal styling. The muted gold color was selected as a synthesis of the old and new. The same modern and clean graphic approach is carried through in the development of the documents with a light tone of greys and simple lines. This is combined with a developed hierarchy of scale, font weights, and colors.

Graphic Design

Architect, Artist, Writer

Architect, Artist, Writer