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Leo Katz Foundation (2013 -Present)

Front Page
Front Page

Proposal: to design a website that showcases the work of Leo Katz and highlight the ongoing efforts of the Foundation 

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From the outset, the website design was envisioned as simple and clean to focus on highlighting the art itself. This approach naturally coincided with the organization’s desire to reflect a fresh and contemporary aesthetic.
The main feature of the site is a large format gallery with filters to highlight different mediums in which Leo worked including Prints, Paintings, Murals, Portraits and more. The artwork is supplemented with biographical information, an essay by Leo of the printmaking workshop "Atelier 17", his publications, and the mission and ongoing work of the foundation
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 Throughout the different pages and formats, there is an ample amount of space and airiness, coupled with ranges of light greys and the iconic gold color, subtle horizontal linework, and a dark anchoring page footer.  Even with pages that are dense with text, there is always an effort to maintain a sense of lightness to the composition.

Graphic Design

Architect, Artist, Writer

Architect, Artist, Writer